Unlock the Power of Partnership: FLOATING GRIP Sponsorship Opportunities

Unlock Collaborative Opportunities with FLOATING GRIP

At FLOATING GRIP, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance the gaming experience. Our range of partnership programs is designed to cater to different types of enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone can engage with us in a way that resonates with their passion. Whether you're an influencer looking to elevate your gaming influence, a dedicated gamer aiming to earn rewards through referrals, or an organization seeking sponsorship for your tournaments, we have a program for you.

1. Influencer Program: Elevate Your Influence

Passionate about gaming and sharing it with others? Our influencer program invites both micro and large influencers to partner with us. Receive a gift card to curate your own FLOATING GRIP setup while inspiring your audience with our innovative accessories.

2. Affiliate Program: Turn Passion into Earnings

Looking to turn your gaming passion into earnings? Our affiliate program lets you earn commissions by promoting our products through your referral links. Get a personalized discount code for yourself and another to share with your followers, all while generating rewards.

3. Tournament Sponsorship Program: Fueling Competitive Spirit

Are you organizing a gaming tournament and in search of sponsorships such as prizes and gift cards for your web shop? Look no further! Our sponsorship program is here to support the gaming community. We're eager to contribute to the excitement and success of competitive gaming by being a part of your event.

Please note that we do not provide paid sponsorships. However, our commitment to enhancing the gaming experience remains unwavering. Let's collaborate and make your tournament a memorable and thrilling experience for all participants.