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PS3 Slim vægbeslag fra FLOATING GRIP | SONY PlayStation 3 Slim

FLOATING GRIP vægbeslag til PS3 Slim tilbyder en stilfuld og pladsbesparende løsning til din konsol. Beslaget sikrer en stabil og sikker montering, samtidig med at det fremmer optimal luftcirkulation. Installation er nem og alt nødvendigt monteringsudstyr medfølger. Perfekt til at organisere dit gaming-område og reducere kabelrod.

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Enhance Your Gaming Setup with FLOATING GRIP's Rope System and Enjoy the Ideal Fusion of Space-Saving Design, Aesthetics, and Functionality for Your PlayStation 3 Slim

Why is FLOATING GRIP's Rope System the Ideal Wall Mount Solution for the PS3 Slim?

FLOATING GRIP's Rope System presents an innovative and effective wall-mounting solution tailored for your PS3 Slim, optimizing your gaming area. Elevate your console by securely affixing it to the wall, freeing up valuable space and crafting a tidy setup that enhances your gaming immersion.

Effortless Elegance: Elevate Your Gaming Setup with the PS3 Slim Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP

Streamline and Simplify Your PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3 Slim) Display Experience

Transform your gaming sanctuary into an oasis of order and style. Elevate your setup by wall-mounting your PS3 Slim, saving space and showcasing it with pride. Discover the perfect harmony of organization and aesthetics with FLOATING GRIP's PS3 Slim wall mount.

Unleash Your Freedom

Turn your gaming haven into a realm of tidiness and elegance. Elevate your arrangement by mounting your PS3 Slim on the wall, preserving room and presenting it with a sense of accomplishment. Uncover the ideal balance of structure and allure with FLOATING GRIP's wall mount for PS3 Slim.

Unlock Limitless Gaming

From vast open realms to adrenaline-pumping shootouts and grand online clashes, your console propels your gaming escapades. FLOATING GRIP mounts are meticulously crafted to offer an ideal haven for your PlayStation. The ropes gently embrace your console, maintaining a small gap from the wall to ensure optimal airflow. This guarantees your disc drive and ports are effortlessly reachable and primed for gaming action.

No Need for Wall Renovations

Revamping your wall arrangement for your PlayStation? No need. FLOATING GRIP mounts are seamlessly installed and discreet. Every kit is equipped with screws, wall plugs, and anchors for a straightforward installation. Just grab a screwdriver or drill, allocate some time, and you're all set. Our comprehensive instructions and video tutorials walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth journey from beginning to end.

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As you continue to explore FLOATING GRIP, consider taking a look at these additional products that can amplify your gaming environment. Our collection offers a wide variety of options to choose from, including captivating LED accessories, premium HDMI cables, and remarkable wall mounts. Seize the opportunity to elevate every aspect of your gaming setup with the innovative offerings from FLOATING GRIP. Your journey into enhanced gaming has just begun!

Increased Strength, Enhanced Stability

Key Specifications

Play with peace of mind as your PlayStation rests securely in its mount. FLOATING GRIP mounts exceed the weight capacity of all PlayStation consoles, supporting up to 10 kg/22 pounds – surpassing the PS3 Fat's 4.5 kg/11-pound weight or the PS5's 4 kg/8-pound weight. Designed for a stable fit, our mounts eliminate wobbling. Select the kit tailored to your PlayStation version, from classic PS3s to the latest PS5s.

Compatible with

PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3 Slim)

Package Dimensions

Approximately 100 x 170 x 15 mm (May vary slightly based on packaging)

Package weight

Approximately 30-70 grams (May vary slightly based on packaging)

Weight Capacity

Up to 10 kg (PS3 Slim Weights about 3.2 kg (7.1 lb))

Country of Origin


Included in the package

Wall Components, Mounting Ropes, Wall Plugs, Screws, Bits, Manuals, and Appreciation Card.


FLOATING GRIP wall mount is crafted from sturdy non-elastic rope, plastic, and steel components.

Wall type

The wall mount is versatile, suitable for installation on various vertical surfaces, including drywall.


The wall mount enables 360-degree ventilation for optimal airflow.


3 years warranty (as per our terms and policies)

Design Rights

Propritary by FLOATING GRIP ApS licensed by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS. Manufactured by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS.

Enhance Your PlayStation 3 Slim Gaming Adventure with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

Why Wall Mount Your PlayStation 3 Slim?

Elevate Your Gaming Setup with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts for PlayStation 3 Slim. Optimize your space, showcase your console and controllers, and transform your gaming area into a functional and stylish masterpiece.

Customer Reviews

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I�m really happy what a great product

I�m really happy what a great product at an affordable price

Tom Yeo
Very good product

Very good product, easy to install and looks awesome