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Big News: FLOATING GRIP Now Available on Throne!

Big News: FLOATING GRIP Now Available on Throne! - FLOATING GRIP

Stephanie Skov |

We're excited to announce that FLOATING GRIP products are now live on Throne, the ultimate platform for creators and their fans!

Throne powers the infrastructure that creators need to better engage and monetize their audiences. Over 350,000 creators from 89 countries use Throne's all-in-one wishlist builder to let their fans support them in a privacy-first way. With partnerships with 600+ brands, Throne offers creators and their fans an exceptional commerce experience.

Started in 2021, Throne has revolutionized creator gifting through its Wishlist product. Today, Throne is leveraging the relationships it has built with creators and brands to give creators even more tools to engage with their fans in a safe, fun, and enjoyable way. In this way, Throne is a three-sided marketplace connecting world-class brands with creators and their fans. Throne has offices in the US and Germany.

At FLOATING GRIP, we're passionate about providing gamers with top-quality solutions to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you're looking for our signature wall mounts, sleek LED/RGB accessories, or premium HDMI cables, you can now find them all conveniently on Throne.

Throne's commitment to delivering excellence to customers aligns perfectly with our own values at FLOATING GRIP. With their user-friendly platform, secure payment options, and efficient shipping services, shopping for FLOATING GRIP products on Throne is a breeze.

Our wall mounts have gained widespread acclaim for their sleek design, sturdy construction, and ability to optimize space in gaming setups. Plus, our range of LED/RGB accessories adds a touch of flair to any gaming environment, while our premium HDMI cables ensure high-speed connectivity and optimal performance for your gaming consoles.

Discover a new level of gaming experience with FLOATING GRIP products now available on Throne!

Happy gaming!

Stephanie Skov

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