¿Cómo colgar una consola en la pared con FLOATING GRIP?

How do you Hang a Console on the Wall with FLOATING GRIP? - FLOATING GRIP

Whether you are a casual gamer or a professional esports enthusiast, creating a neat, organized, and aesthetically pleasing gaming setup is crucial. FLOATING GRIP offers an ingenious solution to help you achieve this goal—wall mounts for gaming consoles! This guide will walk you through the steps to hang your console on the wall with FLOATING GRIP, transforming your gaming space into a sleek, clutter-free environment.


FLOATING GRIP provides a unique and stylish approach to gaming setups, offering secure, easy-to-install, and visually appealing wall mounts for various gaming consoles. These wall mounts are not just functional but also act as a décor element, adding a modern, minimalist touch to your gaming space.


Before starting the installation process, you'll need to gather a few supplies:

  • FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount Kit (Order your kit here)
  • Drill and/ord Screwdriver

Step 1: Choose the Right Spot

Choosing the right spot is crucial. It’s recommended to pick a location that is close to the power source and the TV and is away from heat sources and direct sunlight. This position should also allow for optimal airflow around the console to prevent overheating.

Step 2: Marking the Holes

After deciding on the optimum spot, align the wall mount against the wall. Ensure it’s horizontally straight using a level. The precision in this step is crucial for a seamless installation. Rather than marking with a pencil, you will employ a more accurate method included in your package.

The package comes with a user-friendly manual featuring pre-marked holes. Place this manual against the wall where you intend to mount the console. Then, using one of the screws included in the package, press through the manual to mark the drilling points on the wall accurately. This method ensures precise alignment of the holes, allowing for a straightforward installation of the mount.

Step 3: Drilling

After marking the points, drill holes into the wall using the appropriate drill bit. If you are drilling into drywall, you will need to use the provided wall anchors. Insert the wall anchors into the drilled holes until they are flush with the wall.

Step 4: Securing the Wall Mount Rope and Mounting Parts

Once the holes are accurately drilled, it’s time to attach the wall mount rope and its accompanying mounting parts. Position the mounting parts, also known as buttons, over the drilled holes, ensuring each aligns perfectly with the wall anchors. Following the instructions in the provided manual, use the supplied screws to secure these buttons firmly to the wall.

Once the mounting parts are solidly attached to the wall, the next step is to properly place the ropes on the mounting parts, adhering strictly to the guidance provided in the manual. It is paramount that the ropes are positioned accurately to avoid any mishaps.

After ensuring the ropes are correctly and securely placed, you can then proceed to position your console in the ropes. It is crucial at this stage to verify the stability of the ropes and make sure they do not wobble, ensuring your console is safe and secure. This attention to detail guarantees an optimal setup, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience without any concerns about the safety of your console.

Step 5: Securing the Console

Once the mounting parts and ropes are properly installed, it's time to secure the console. FLOATING GRIP’s wall mounts are meticulously crafted to offer a snug and secure fit, ensuring your console stays in place. These design considerations also allow uncompromised access to the console’s ports and buttons and ensure optimal ventilation, maintaining the longevity of your gaming device. Position the console carefully within the ropes, following any additional guidelines provided in the manual to assure stability and security.

Elevate Your Setup with FLOATING GRIP Accessories

FLOATING GRIP extends beyond innovative wall mounts, providing a spectrum of accessories designed to enrich and personalize your gaming environment, including:

  1. LED and RGB Light Strips: Illuminate your gaming realm with vibrant and customizable light strips, establishing an immersive atmosphere tailored to your preferences.

  2. High-Speed LED HDMI Cables: Upgrade your gaming experience with our premium HDMI cables, ensuring impeccable connectivity and elevating visual performance, allowing games to unfold in their full graphical splendor.

  3. USB-C Cables (Available with or without LED lights): Maintain seamless interactions within your gaming universe with our top-grade USB-C cables, with options for integrated LED lights for those seeking an added aesthetic touch.

  4. Cover Caps: Beautify and personalize your wall mount setup with our distinctive cover caps. They offer a polished finish and allow for unique design expressions, reflecting your style and gaming persona.

With FLOATING GRIP accessories, you don’t just play; you play in style, immersing yourself in a gaming world that is visually appealing, well-organized, and distinctly yours.

Optimize Your Gaming Setup for Different Consoles:

FLOATING GRIP offers specialized wall mounts designed for various consoles, including:

  • PlayStation Series: Experience the evolution with mounts tailored for PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, and the revolutionary PS5, each designed to showcase your console in style without compromising functionality.
  • Xbox Series: Elevate your gaming with specialized mounts for Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, offering secure and aesthetic solutions that highlight your device.
  • Nintendo Switch Series: Discover mounts specifically fashioned to secure your Switch, meticulously designed to provide access to all buttons and ports without hindrance.
  • Apple TV: Optimize your viewing experience with mounts compatible with Apple TV gen. 3 and 4, providing a sleek and organized presentation of your device.
  • XIAOMI: Transform your TV setup with structured and elegant mounting solutions, ensuring a clutter-free and harmonious environment.
  • Nvidia Shield: Integrate your streaming device seamlessly into your home entertainment ecosystem with mounts that are as inconspicuous as they are functional, designed specifically for the Nvidia Shield.

Customization & Style

Beyond functionality, FLOATING GRIP allows you to add a personal touch to your gaming space. The sleek, minimalist design of the wall mounts complements any décor style, making your console appear as if it's floating, adding a futuristic vibe to your gaming room.


FLOATING GRIP transforms your gaming space by offering innovative, stylish, and practical solutions to mount your gaming consoles on the wall. The process is straightforward, and the result is a clutter-free, organized gaming area that reflects your passion for gaming. Whether you're a PlayStation aficionado, an Xbox enthusiast, or a Nintendo fan, FLOATING GRIP has the perfect solution to elevate your gaming setup.

Final Thoughts:

Incorporating FLOATING GRIP’s wall mounts and accessories into your gaming space not only optimizes the physical layout but also enhances your gaming experience. The aesthetic appeal, coupled with practical utility, makes FLOATING GRIP a must-have addition for every gamer seeking a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and gaming passion.

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