5M RGB Light Strip with Bluetooth and Remote Control

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Make your gaming room look absolutely lit with the Premium multi color RGB/LED Light Strip by FLOATING GRIP. Illuminate your wall mounted console, TV or any other device in style with our premium gaming RGB light stip and level up your entire game room experience. 


Make your gaming room look absolutely lit with the PREMIUM multicolor LED/RGB Light Strip with bluetooth and button control by FLOATING GRIP

LED/RGB colorful lights have come to mean one thing for gamers: it is time to play. Gaming room lights also draw attention to your consoles, the real champions of your space. While you cannot bring your in-game weapons or rides into your living room, you can settle for the next best thing by kitting out your PlayStation or XBOX with vivid LED/RGB lighting.

Leaves No Gunk

The Xbox Series X’s gorgeous black finish, the PlayStation 5’s stark white plate–it’d be an absolute shame to mar your console with strips of tape or cheap hooks.

Luckily, FLOATING GRIP's LED/RGB Light strip already come with sticky tape behind it. All you need to do is peel the protective layer, position it behind your console, and press play. The adhesive won’t leave any permanent marks or residue on your gaming machine.

Even the button controler has sticker on the back for you to place it on the wall right next to your console.

Next level LED strip with bluetooth

The preimum LED/RGB light strip by FLOATING GRIP is what we call next generation. The LED strip has bluetooth meaning you can control the light you want from an app on yur phone. Choose the color, or the color mix you prefer. The strip can even change color according to the beat in your favorite songs.

A Gift Gamers Actually Like

Gamers are amongst some of the hardest people to buy presents for. Want to get them their favorite game? Well, they already got it on launch day. What about an extra controller? Surprise, they have 4. In multiple colors.

But you can’t go wrong with the new, move innovative, more powerful premium LED/RGB light strip with bluetooth and button control by FLOATING GRIP. Excite a gamer by giving them a new way to play around with their gaming setup.

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Illuminate your console in style with our premium LED/RGB light strip with bluetooth App control.

Plug And Play-Literally

At FLOATING GRIP, we like to keep things simple yet future proof and innovative. As the FLOATING GRIP LED/RGB Wire Light connects directly to your PlayStation, XBOX, or TV USB ports, it’ll only activate when you power on your device. Feel like you’re really diving into game worlds once the lights go down and the colors come on. But aside from aesthetic, this “only on when the console is on” design also helps prolong the lifespan of the lights.

Compatible with

Can be placed on what you prefer, for example behind your TV, behind your console, underneath your gamer table, around the wall.

Color options

The premium LED/RGB bluetooth light strip by FLAOTING GRIP has all colors. Choose the color you prefer from the App on your phone or the button control on the strip. There are no color limits with this LED/RGB strip.


Yes, the strip is waterproof.

Custom length

Choose the lenght that fits you the best and then you can cust it at the end, to fit perfectly.


Installing these LED lights for gaming setup is easy. Peel off the adhesive backing of the gaming light strip, attach it to the back of your console, then plug it into a USB port.


You can easily remove the strip to a new position any day you like. The sticker on the back is recemoable and will not leave any marks.

Package includes

1x LED/RGB strip with bluetooth and button control.

Package weight

40 grams.

Package Dimensions

100 x 170 x 15 MM

Colored lights won’t increase your FPS or clinch you the victory, but they sure make your gaming setup look amazing while you smash or shoot away.

Light Up Your Game Room

Complete the look of your gaming room with this game room decor LED/RGB strip lighting. The light strip can be placed behind for example consoles,TV screens, underneath your gamer table or another surface to level up your game room.

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