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Personalize your wall-mounted console and controllers by adding the Cover Caps to your FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts. The Cover Caps fits all Wall Mounts versions by FLOATING GRIP. It's time to give your wall mounted console and controllers the final finish.

What if we told you, that you can level up your FLOATING GRIP Wall mount with these colorful Cover Caps

For video game enthusiasts, the game room is where the magic happens. That is why it is important to get its ambiance and atmosphere right, otherwise it just is not as immersive as one would like. The space becomes boring and, for some, that can be distracting enough to have a noticeable impact on their gameplay. The good news is that this staleness is quite easy to overcome. Pops of color help breathe some new life into a dead-looking area, which is exactly what our product does.

So EZ, Even For Noobs

Installing and removing these covers cannot be any simpler, the most beginner of beginners can get it done without any hassle.

Each silicone cap is precisely measured and cut to wrap right around the mounting parts attached to your wall. You can also simply pop it into the ropes of your wall mounting system and give your console setup a unique flair in the process. It’s as noob-friendly as it gets!

The Complete Edition

No more DLCs needed for this particular decoration. We package FLOATING GRIP silicone covers as a complete set from the get-go. Every box contains enough of these silicone caps for one console and two controllers. That’s all you need, just one box containing everything.

Please note that we designed this product solely for all editions of FLOATING GRIP wall mounts. They may not be compatible with other gaming console setups.

Craft Unique Combinations

You know how in games, a piece of ore can turn into legendary weapons and equipment? That’s exactly the case with FLOATING GRIP wall mount covers here.

What’s great about these soft silicone covers for FLOATING GRIP console mounts is that they allow you to create scores of color combinations at will, helping you personalize your game room and give it a truly one-of-a-kind look.

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Key Specifications

Rezz Your Gaming Setup With Color

We mean it when we say these covers bring color to your game room.

Our product is available in a variety of 10 different colors. Feel free to choose what works well for your gaming setup. Choices include red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, pink, purple, black, and white. Find a shade that complements your setup well or one that creates contrast. Either way, your game room would look all the better for it!

Compatible with


Package Dimensions

100 x 170 x 15 MM

Package weight

30 Grams

Max Weight Load

Must only be used for the correct purpose, place on Wall Mount.

Country of Origin


Package includes

5x Big Wall Mount Cover Caps + 4x Small Wall Mount Rope Cover Caps



Why add color to your FLOATING GRIP wall mount?

Turn your gaming area into a space that you would actually want to play in. FLOATING GRIP wall mount covers offer a nice touch of color and style into otherwise dull-looking game rooms. Even better, these silicone covers do that while providing a nice and clean finish. If you want to improve the vibe of your console without going overboard, these silicone caps are seriously a great choice for it.

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