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Empower Your Tournaments with FLOATING GRIP Sponsorship

Welcome to the FLOATING GRIP Sponsorship Program designed exclusively for Companies and Organizations Hosting Tournaments. We recognize the vital role tournaments play in uniting the gaming community, and we're excited to join forces to elevate the excitement and engagement.

At FLOATING GRIP, we value partnerships that enrich the gaming landscape. Our sponsorship initiative offers unique opportunities for your tournaments to feature our innovative products, enhancing the overall gaming experience. While we don't provide paid sponsorships, we're dedicated to delivering meaningful support in line with our mission of transforming gaming setups.

Partnering with FLOATING GRIP's Sponsorship Program equips your tournament with high-quality accessories, including our signature Wall Mounts, LED cables, USB-C cables, and more. These products enhance aesthetics, organization, and functionality, creating an unforgettable gaming environment for participants and attendees.

Join us in a collaboration that combines your tournament expertise with our commitment to enhancing gaming spaces. Together, we can create a seamless synergy that resonates with gamers, showcasing innovation, quality, and a shared passion for exceptional gaming setups. Elevate your tournaments with the FLOATING GRIP Sponsorship Program – let's make them truly extraordinary.

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Please provide accurate information in your application, including details about your social media channels, follower count, engagement metrics, and any relevant organization information. This will help us better evaluate your application and ensure a potential match between your profile and our criteria. Please note that we do not offer paid sponsorships.

We appreciate your interest in partnering with FLOATING GRIP and can't wait to explore the possibilities of working together. Apply now and let's embark on an exciting journey to enhance gaming setups and share the FLOATING GRIP experience with the world.

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Below, you can explore some of the brands we have proudly sponsored through product partnerships, through online gift cards. Discover how you can join us in transforming gaming spaces and creating unforgettable moments through our unique sponsorship programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sponsorship Opportunities by FLOATING GRIP

Explore the essential details of our Sponsorship Program through our comprehensive FAQ. Get answers to your queries about partnerships, criteria, rewards, and collaborations, as you embark on a journey to showcase FLOATING GRIP's innovative products.

We appreciate your interest in partnering with FLOATING GRIP and look forward to exploring exciting collaborations that elevate gaming experiences!