Let FLOATING GRIP Lead the Pack: Here's Why

Let FLOATING GRIP Lead the Pack: Here's Why - FLOATING GRIP

The hype around the Sony PlayStation 5 remains unparalleled. It's almost like a unicorn in the gaming world, with only a handful of lucky gamers able to lay their hands on one without emptying their pockets to scalpers.

For those who've conquered this gaming Everest, the question arises: Where's the best place to perch this majestic and uniquely shaped console?

While a media console might be the intuitive choice, wall mounting brings a whole new array of advantages. We've curated a list of six stellar wall mounts for your PS5, with a special focus on the FLOATING GRIP. Let's delve in.

Understanding PS5 Wall Mounts

For the newcomers to this world, PS5 wall mounts are essentially brackets that allow you to hang your brand-new PlayStation onto a wall or any sturdy vertical surface. These are similar to the metal brackets used for TVs and monitors. The installation involves fixing these brackets onto your wall, after which you attach your console to the bracket using screws or grommets.

Console mounts are a tried and tested concept. But with every new console generation, mounts evolve to be more user-friendly and robust.

Why the Wall Mount Way?

  1. Improved Airflow: One major advantage of hanging your PS5 is improved ventilation. A typical media console can restrict the PS5's airflow. Elevating the console ensures unhindered air circulation, reducing dust accumulation.
  2. Space Efficiency: Wall mounts minimize clutter, giving your entertainment zone a neat look. Considering the sizable dimensions of the PS5, this is a blessing.
  3. Cable Organization: Gamers know the hassle of tangled cables. With a wall mount, you can streamline the cables along the wall, reducing chances of tripping or damaging them.
  4. Versatility: Mounting provides flexibility. You can place your PS5 near outlets or routers that might be hard to reach otherwise. 
  5. FLOATING GRIP PS5 Mount - The Rope Revolution: A truly innovative rope hanging system


  • Rope design ensures zero damage to your PS5
  • Wallet-friendly with two controller mounts included (if ordering the bundle package)
  • Can be personalized with colorful Cover Caps
  • Unobstructed airflow


  • Not as robust as metal counterparts, but will keep your console stable in the ropes.
  • Susceptible to dislodging on impact

The FLOATING GRIP is an avant-garde approach to wall mounts, using durable ropes to cradle the PS5. Priced between $20 and $30 for the standard and controller mount combo, it’s a steal.

Unlike traditional mounts, the rope design ensures your console remains scratch-free. While some might be skeptical about its strength, FLOATING GRIP guarantees its capability to support over 22 pounds.

However, if you're someone who values solid security, metal mounts might be more your style. But for those who crave a unique, minimalist aesthetic while ensuring their PS5 remains pristine, FLOATING GRIP is a top contender. FLOATING GRIP's innovative approach, combined with its affordability and design aesthetics, makes it a standout choice for your PS5.

So, before you decide, weigh your priorities. If aesthetics, budget-friendliness, and console safety rank high, then FLOATING GRIP is the clear winner.



Image by one of our awesome customers:

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