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Our mission is to make honest, high quality yet simple and smart products. We strive to make the most innovative and future proof products for home gaming.

Our mission

FLOATING GRIP's mission is to provide high quality, innovative functionality, uniqueness and fun products for all gamers. We strive to design and develope from a creative mindset which has made us first movers on all of our products.

Always lead. Never follow.

Innovative design for the ultimate and future proof game room experience.

Just do it...

When annoyed with something the only thing to do, is to fix it! My name is Stephanie Skov, I'm the founder and owner of FLOATING GRIP. I designed the first FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount back in 2014, because I thought our console at home was taking up too much space on the counter and the cables was making the TV-area looking messy.

I couldn't find a wall mount that was both neat in the design and allowed 360 degree of ventilation. So what I did, was that I designed my own.

Today FLOATING GRIP is a global brand with our own propritary deisgned wall mounts, our own LED/RGB cables, HDMI and many other accessories for a fun, smart and creative game room setup.

I hope you will enjoy my products at home.

Leading design

At the heart of FLOATING GRIP's design you will find a layer of playfulness, uniqueness and quality! Our products bridge the gap between collectable design items and gamers’s need for quality, and with this we make innovative great design accessible to everyone. FLOATING GRIP products fit seamlessly into the modern home og gaming and streaming and we encourage everyone to add a touch of FLOATING GRIP to their life!

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