10 Gaming Room Hacks to Optimize Your Gaming Experience

10 Gaming Room Hacks to Optimize Your Gaming Experience - FLOATING GRIP

Are you looking to level up your gaming room experience? Whether you're a casual gamer or a professional streamer, having an organised gaming room can make all the difference. It's not just about keeping your space tidy. Less distractions = better performance. 

Here are 10 gaming room hacks to help you make the most out of your space:

Use Wall Mounts to Free Up Floor Space

Wall mounts are a great way to free up floor space and create a more streamlined gaming setup. A wall-mounted TV can maximise your viewing area without wasting valuable floor space.

You can mount your TV, consoles, and accessories on the wall, leaving more room for dancing when you score that sweet victory!


Hide Those Pesky Cables

Cable clutter can be a major eyesore in any room, and your gaming room is no exception! Luckily, there are plenty of cable management solutions for gaming rooms. One option is to use cable ties to bundle up your cables and keep them organized. You can also use cable sleeves or conduits to conceal your cables and create a clean, streamlined look. 

This not only looks better but also makes sure you don't trip over a loose cable in the heat of the moment.

Want to learn more about how best to manage your cables? Our ultimate guide to gaming room setup dives into more detail on this. 

RGB Cables For Extra Flair

Looking to add some pizzazz to your gaming setup? Try using high-speed HDMI cables with RGB lighting. These cables change colour and add a fun, personal touch to your gaming room. They also ensure a smooth, lag-free gaming experience!

Keep It Cool With Ventilated Wall Mount

When choosing wall mounts, don't forget to look for ones that offer ventilation. This keeps your devices from overheating, so you can stay cool and play on. Want to keep your consoles performing at their best? Then ventilated wall mounts are the way to go!


Mount Your Accessories, Not Just Your Consoles

Mounts aren't just for consoles! Never lose your gaming accessories and have them easy to reach by mounting them on the wall! Headsets, controllers, consoles. We mount them all. Trust us, the effect it creates is amazing. See some of the spaces our community of gamers have created. 

Invest in Premium Charging Cables

USB-C cables are essential for charging your devices, but not all cables are created equal. Investing in high-quality, premium USB-C cables can help ensure a fast and reliable charging experience. 

Don't settle for mediocre cables that will leave you waiting for hours for your devices to charge. Invest in premium USB-C cables with reinforced connectors and braided cords for durability and reliability. 

Use A Rope-Hanging System for a Magical Look

If you want a better way to mount your devices, try using our rope-hanging system. This lets you hang your devices on the wall but you won't even see the encasing mount, so it appears as if your device is floating in mid air. It's an eye-catching option that's perfect for those who want something different. 

Comfort is King

Let's face it; we can't game for hours if we're uncomfortable. So, make sure to invest in a comfortable gaming chair or bean bag. Add some pillows or cushions for extra support, and make sure your gaming setup is at the right height and angle for your body.

Organise Your Games and Accessories

Keep your games and accessories organised with a storage unit designed specifically for gaming items. You can add labels or stickers to make everything easy to find and keep your gaming room clutter-free.

Add LED Lighting for Ambiance

The best gaming rooms have LEDs! For an elite setup, add LED lighting to your gaming room, and create the perfect ambience. Change up the colours to match your mood, game or performance. LEDs not only look pretty, they can even change the way you play. Blue promotes relaxation, orange/red encourages focus and concentration, while green allows you to see things from a fresh perspective.

You can use LED strip lights to highlight your wall mounts or create a backlight for your TV. Alternatively, you can use smart bulbs or colour-changing lights to create a custom lighting scheme. 

Ready to create a space you can show off to your friends? Check out our gaming accessories here: 


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