PS5 Slim Vægbeslag af FLOATING GRIP | SONY PlayStation 5 Slim (Disk/Digital)

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Præsenterer det længe ventede PS5 Slim Vægbeslag fra FLOATING GRIP, som er sat til at revolutionere dit gaming-setup. Oplev et slankt og funktionelt design, der perfekt komplementerer din PS5 Slim, og oplev problemfri installation for et rodefrit gamingområde. Hæv din spiloplevelse med dette innovative tilbehør, designet til at gøre din spillekonsol til et ægte centrum i dit underholdningsrum.

På grund af lanceringen af PS5 Slim mangler vi PS5 Slim Mount-emballagen. I mellemtiden sender vi XBOX One (Original) Vægbeslag, som deler de samme specifikationer, indtil vi har PS5 Slim emballagen. Dine monteringsbehov vil stadig blive opfyldt problemfrit.

Farve: Hvid
Pakke: Vægbeslag til PS5 Slim + 2x Controllere


Salgspris€39,99 EUR

Enhance your gaming arrangement with FLOATING GRIP's Rope System, and discover the ideal fusion of space-saving design, aesthetics, and functionality tailored for your PlayStation 5 Slim.

What sets FLOATING GRIP's Rope System apart as the ultimate wall-mount solution for the PS5 Slim?

FLOATING GRIP's Rope System presents a distinctive and effective wall-mount solution for your PS5 Slim, optimizing your gaming area. Through the secure wall installation of your console, you liberate valuable surface space, resulting in a tidy environment that enhances your gaming immersion.

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Increased Strength, Enhanced Stability

Key Specifications

Game with confidence as your PlayStation securely rests in its mount. FLOATING GRIP mounts go beyond the weight capacity of all PlayStation consoles, supporting up to 10 kg/22 pounds – surpassing the PS3 Fat's 4.5 kg/11-pound weight or the PS5's 4 kg/8-pound weight. Crafted for a secure and stable fit, our mounts eliminate any wobbling. Choose the kit designed for your PlayStation version, whether it's a classic PS3 or the latest PS5.

Compatible with

PlayStation 5 Slim (compatible with both Disc and Digital editions)

Package Dimensions

Approximately 100 x 175 x 15 mm

Package weight

Approximately 70 grams

Weight Capacity

Up to 10 kg (PS5 Slim Disc Edition weighs around 3.9 kg)

Country of Origin


Included in the package

Wall Components, Mounting Ropes, Wall Plugs, Screws, Bits, Manuals, and Appreciation Card.


FLOATING GRIP wall mount is crafted from sturdy non-elastic rope, plastic, and steel components.

Wall type

The wall mount is versatile, suitable for installation on various vertical surfaces, including drywall.


The wall mount enables 360-degree ventilation for optimal airflow.


3 years warranty (as per our terms and policies)

Design Rights

Propritary by FLOATING GRIP ApS licensed by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS. Manufactured by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS.

Enhance Your PlayStation 5 Slim Gaming Experience with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

Why display PlayStation 5 Slim on the Wall?

Discover the advantages of wall-mounting your PlayStation 5 Slim using FLOATING GRIP. Elevate your gaming environment, maximize your arrangement, and present your console in a whole new light. Turn your gaming space into a masterpiece of both functionality and design with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts.

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