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Opgrader stemningen i dit spillerum ved at vise dine MOVE Motion Controllers flot frem på væggen. Disse vægmonteringer fra FLOATING GRIP er designet til sikkert at holde 2 af dine trådløse MOVE-controllere på væggen.

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Elevating Safety, Aesthetics, and Accessibility in PlayStation MOVE Motion Controller Storage

Why is FLOATING GRIP's Rope System the Ultimate Wall Mount Solution for PlayStation MOVE Motion Controllers?

The PlayStation MOVE Motion Controller Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP offer a dedicated and secure storage solution for your PlayStation Move motion controllers. Say goodbye to misplaced controllers and keep them easily accessible whenever you're ready to play.

Transform your gaming area into a stylish and organized haven by elegantly displaying your MOVE controllers on the wall.

Elevate Your Gaming Setup: Showcase Your MOVE Controllers on the Wall

Invest in the PlayStation MOVE Motion Controller Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP to achieve a sleek, organized, and visually striking gaming environment that showcases your controllers and enhances your overall gaming experience.

Space Optimization

Storing your PlayStation MOVE controllers on the wall frees up valuable surface space, allowing you to make the most of your gaming area for other accessories or decorations.

Easy Accessibility

Wall-mounted MOVE controllers are always within arm's reach, ensuring you're ready to jump into action whenever you want to play a game or engage in virtual experiences.

Aesthetic Enhancement

By displaying your PlayStation MOVE controllers on the wall, you transform them into a captivating visual element that adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup, impressing both friends and fellow gamers alike.

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Increased Strength, Enhanced Stability

Key Specifications

Introducing a game-changing solution to elevate your gaming experience – the PlayStation MOVE Controller Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, these innovative wall mounts provide a sleek and organized way to store your PlayStation MOVE controllers. Say goodbye to clutter and tangled wires as you proudly display your controllers on the wall, maximizing space and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your gaming area. With FLOATING GRIP's commitment to quality and design, these wall mounts ensure your PlayStation MOVE controllers are not only safely stored but also transformed into a striking visual element.

Compatible with

Compatible with PlayStation Move motion controllers. Package includes a set of 2 wall mounts.

Package Dimensions

Approximately 100 x 170 x 15 mm (May vary slightly based on packaging)

Package weight

Approximately 30 grams (May vary slightly based on packaging)

Weight Capacity

Up to 10 kg

Country of Origin

Crafted in Denmark

Included in the package

Wall Components, Mounting Ropes, Wall Plugs, Screws, Bits, Manuals, and Appreciation Card.


FLOATING GRIP wall mount is crafted from sturdy non-elastic rope, plastic, and steel components.

Wall type

The wall mount is versatile, suitable for installation on various vertical surfaces, including drywall.


The wall mount enables 360-degree ventilation for optimal airflow.


3 years warranty (as per our terms and policies)

Design Rights

Propritary by FLOATING GRIP ApS authorized by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS. Manufactured by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS.

Elevate Your PlayStation Gaming Experience with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

Why Wall Mount Your PlayStation MOVE Motion Controller?

Invest in the PlayStation MOVE Motion Controller Wall Mounts by FLOATING GRIP for a combination of practicality and style that enhances your gaming experience and lets your controllers take center stage in a truly impressive way.

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