Stephanie Skov: The Creative Force Behind FLOATING GRIP

Stephanie Skov: The Creative Force Behind FLOATING GRIP - FLOATING GRIP

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the fascinating journey of Stephanie Skov, the visionary designer behind FLOATING GRIP. FLOATING GRIP is a renowned brand known for its innovative gaming accessories, including wall mounts, headset hangers, and high-quality HDMI cables. However, what sets this story apart is that Stephanie didn't start as a gamer; she began her journey with a simple desire to organize her boyfriend's gaming setup.

The Genesis of FLOATING GRIP:

Stephanie's journey began with a problem that many non-gamers can relate to—the messy look of gaming consoles and cables scattered around the floor. She noticed her boyfriend's gaming console, complete with a tangle of wires, taking up precious space and detracting from the overall aesthetics of the room. Stephanie envisioned a neat arrangement where the console could be stored on the wall, hidden behind the TV. This simple idea sparked the inception of FLOATING GRIP.

The Quest for an Innovative Solution:

Stephanie's vision for a wall mount wasn't just about tidying up the space. She had a clear vision of creating something smart, easy to use, and unobtrusive. Unlike the big, clumsy wall mounts she had seen, Stephanie wanted a solution that seamlessly integrated into the gaming environment. Additionally, she was mindful of the need for proper airflow around the console, having learned about its importance.

The First FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount:

With determination and creativity, Stephanie set out to design the first FLOATING GRIP wall mount. Her design not only solved the problem of cable clutter but also provided a sleek and efficient way to store gaming consoles on the wall. It was a solution that appealed not only to her but also to the wider gaming community.

The Phenomenal Response:

When FLOATING GRIP's first wall mount hit the market, the response from gamers was nothing short of phenomenal. Stephanie's innovative design struck a chord with gamers who sought an elegant and functional solution for displaying their consoles. FLOATING GRIP quickly gained recognition for its ingenuity and quality.

Expanding the Horizons:

Stephanie's journey didn't stop at the initial wall mount. Under her guidance, FLOATING GRIP expanded its product line to include headset hangers, cover caps for consoles, LED HDMI cables, and more. Each product retained the brand's commitment to innovation, functionality, and aesthetics.


Stephanie Skov's journey with FLOATING GRIP is a testament to the power of creativity and problem-solving. Her initial idea, born out of a desire to tidy up a gaming setup, transformed into a brand that provides innovative solutions to gamers worldwide. Stephanie's vision for an organized and visually appealing gaming environment has resonated with gamers and non-gamers alike. FLOATING GRIP's story is proof that even the simplest of ideas can lead to remarkable innovations.

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