Smart wall mounts in Minimalistic Danish Design

Save space and create a nice area

Mount your console like a picture on the wall

You have a console at home but you are pretty annoyed by all the wires, the mess and the space it takes up. You just wish you could have a nice tv-area...
With FLOATING GRIP® you both save space and achieve a tidy and smart area.

FLOATING GRIP® is providing wall mounts for a vast variety of consoles. Our product range covers PlayStation, Xbox and Apple.

How: From listening to gamers from all around the world, we have developed user-friendly and functional wall mounts for both PlayStation and Xbox.
Who: FLOATING GRIP® is a new and exploitative brand selling proprietary design and patent pending wall mounts for PlayStation and Xbox.
What: We offer wall mount solutions for your home that allow you to among other thing to save space and avoid messy areas with things laying around.

Easy to use and easy to install

As a service, we have made sure that everything you need to mount is included. You only need a screwdriver/drill.

360 degree ventilation

The wall mounts are designed to leave a space of 0 - 0,8 inches (0 - 2 cm) from the wall allowing the optimum ventilation.

Strong and thoroughly tested materials

All wall mounts have been put through stress testing to ensure everyone complies to our high product standards.

Customer Service

You can always contact us through our live chat or contact form if you have any questions, suggestions or if you just want to share your experience with us.

Danish design and quality

The wall mounts by FLOATING GRIP® are produced in Denmark. We claim our products to be proprietary design and they are Patent Pending too.