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VR Hanger by FLOATING GRIP | SONY PlayStation VR Goggles - FLOATING GRIPVR Hanger by FLOATING GRIP | SONY PlayStation VR Goggles - FLOATING GRIP

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Voices of Satisfaction: Customer Testimonials on FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

Discover what our valued customers have to say about their experience with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts. From enhanced organization to stylish aesthetics, our innovative wall mounts have left a lasting impression on gaming and entertainment setups. Read on to hear directly from those who have elevated their spaces with FLOATING GRIP.

Join the growing community of satisfied customers who have chosen FLOATING GRIP to enhance their gaming and entertainment setups. Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your space with our premium wall mounts.

Mark W.

I never realized how much space wall mounting my PlayStation would save. It's not just functional – it's a statement piece!

Sarah L.

The XBOX Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP completely transformed my gaming corner. It's clean, sleek, and adds a professional touch.


was hesitant at first, but the Apple TV Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP added a touch of elegance to my living room. Now it's a conversation starter!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - FLOATING GRIP Hanger for Headsets and VR Goggles


Discover the ultimate solution for organized and stylish storage with the FLOATING GRIP Hanger. Designed to accommodate both headsets and VR goggles, this innovative accessory offers versatile compatibility and a sleek 'floating' design. Whether you have universal headsets or specific VR gear, this hanger provides protection, accessibility, and an aesthetic enhancement to your gaming setup. With hassle-free installation and the included wall-mounting hardware, optimizing your space has never been easier. Elevate your gaming and virtual reality experience with the FLOATING GRIP Hanger, a transformative addition that combines practicality and sophistication.

Elevate your gaming and VR experience with the versatile and stylish FLOATING GRIP Hanger, designed to accommodate both universal headsets and VR goggles while enhancing your setup's aesthetics and organization.

Elevate Your Gaming Space with Functional Art: Discover the Innovative 'Floating' Headset Hanger by FLOATING GRIP

Elevate Your Gaming Setup with FLOATING GRIP Hanger: Revolutionizing Headset Storage

In the dynamic world of gaming and virtual reality, an organized and efficient setup can make all the difference. That's where the FLOATING GRIP Hanger steps in – a game-changer in headset storage that combines innovation, practicality, and aesthetics.

Why Wall-Hanging Your Headset Makes Perfect Sense:

Wall-hanging your headset isn't just a storage solution; it's a strategic decision that optimizes your gaming environment. Clearing up desk space enhances your immersion and movement during gameplay. Imagine effortlessly grabbing your headset from its dedicated spot on the wall, without cables tangling or clutter obstructing your gaming experience.

What Sets the FLOATING GRIP Hanger Apart:

What truly sets the FLOATING GRIP Hanger apart is its unique 'floating' design. Conceived by FLOATING GRIP, this hanger employs a two-case system that eliminates visible screws. As a result, your headset appears suspended on the wall, adding an element of elegance to your gaming space. The FLOATING GRIP Hanger isn't just a storage accessory – it's a piece of functional art that transforms your headset into a centerpiece.

Unlike conventional hanging solutions, the FLOATING GRIP Hanger stands out for its Danish craftsmanship and precision. Designed with versatility in mind, it accommodates both headsets and VR goggles, making it an essential addition for gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts alike.

Experience the future of headset storage with the FLOATING GRIP Hanger – a fusion of innovation, aesthetics, and convenience that redefines how you organize and showcase your gaming gear.