Light Strips with LED light

Step into a world of endless creativity and ambiance with our selection of LED light strips. 


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0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP
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0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP
0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP
Sold out
0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP0.5M/2ft LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP
LED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP | 0.5M/2ftLED light Strip by FLOATING GRIP | 0.5M/2ft

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Echoes of Contentment: Client Testimonials about FLOATING GRIP's Customer Service

At FLOATING GRIP, we do more than just offer outstanding products. Our dedication to excellence penetrates deeply into the core of our customer support. We don't just meet expectations; we strive to exceed them, ensuring our clients feel truly valued. Hear it from our esteemed customers, who consistently praise our unparalleled customer care:

Tiago Cardoso

Had a small issue with my zip code

Had a small issue with my zip code, since it was an international delivery/order, but Stephanie/after sales dpt was very quick to get in touch with me to solve the problem.
The order was delivered quickly, with no problems whatsoever, and very well packaged. Looking forward to install the product and with great expectations.


Absolutely satisfied

Great product very easy to install and perfect look!
Also the Customer Support was very Kind and responded questions immediately.
I will recommend this product definitely and would every time buy it again!

Many thanks and greetings from Germany

Andrew Byrne

I ordered this item in error but...

I ordered this item in error but Stephanie the owner took care of this and offered me a full refund. Customer service was 100% positive and I would highly recommend anyone to her.

Thanks again Stephanie

Andrew from Ireland


If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to FLOATING GRIP's customer service for personalized assistance.

Enhance your gaming room like a pro with FLOATING GRIP's RGB light strips. Create a fun, personalized atmosphere and immerse yourself in your favorite games like never before.

Brighten Your Gaming World with FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strips

Elevate Your Gaming Atmosphere with FLOATING GRIP's Dynamic Light Strips

Gone are the days of bland gaming setups. With FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strips, your wall-mounted console becomes the centerpiece of your gaming space, radiating with vibrant energy and style.

Imagine your console, not just as a piece of hardware but as an artwork, illuminated to draw attention, to captivate, and to become a topic of conversation. Whether you're diving into an intense gaming session or just relaxing with some ambient music, these lights set the mood just right.

Available in bold colors of red, pink, green, and blue, each strip allows you to tailor your space to fit your unique personality and style. The streamlined design ensures they complement your console without being obtrusive, blending seamlessly into your setup while offering a distinct flair.

Installation is a breeze. With a removable sticker backing, you can position and adjust the LED strips with ease, ensuring they're just where you want them. Connect to your console, TV, or computer with the USB-C end, and you're ready to immerse yourself in a luminous gaming experience.

So, why keep your gaming console in the shadows? Illuminate it, showcase it, and let it shine. Embrace the future of gaming aesthetics and personalize your space with FLOATING GRIP's Vibrant LED Light Strips. The transformation is not just visual; it's emotional. Feel the glow, dive into the game.