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Elevate Your Gaming Experience with FLOATING GRIP!

Danish Design since 2014

Since 2014, we have specialized in designing innovative and high-function products for gamers worldwide.

Must Have 8K/60Hz LED HDMI

Experience top-tier visuals with our 8K HDMI cable featuring 60Hz refresh and LED lighting. Upgrade today!

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Unique and Creative FLOATING GRIP Setups by Customers

  • PS5 Wall Mount + Black Cover Caps

    Witness the significant space-saving transformation as the customer elegantly wall-mounts their PS5, creating a visually stunning floating effect that not only enhances aesthetics but also provides convenient access.

  • XBOX Series S + Controller Wall Mounts

    Enhance your television setup by showcasing your XBOX on the wall using FLOATING GRIP's wall mounts, adding a touch of pro-gamer sophistication.

  • PlayStation Controller Mount + Pink Cover caps

    Discover how this customer infused their own personality into the PlayStation controller wall mount by incorporating an elegant pink cover cap, adding a unique and stylish flair to their setup.

USB-C Cables with LED light

Forget about standard charging - Try our High-Speed LED USB Cables!