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XBOX One X vægbeslag fra FLOATING GRIP | Microsoft XBOX One X

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Pakke: Vægbeslag til XBOX One X


FLOATING GRIP vægbeslag til XBOX One X giver en pladsbesparende og stilfuld løsning til din konsol. Beslaget sikrer stabil og sikker montering på væggen og fremmer optimal luftcirkulation. Installation er nem med alt nødvendigt monteringsudstyr inkluderet. Perfekt til at holde dit gaming-område ryddeligt og fri for kabelrod.

Uplift Your Gaming Space Using FLOATING GRIP's Rope System, Attaining the Ideal Fusion of Space Economy, Visual Appeal, and Utility for Your XBOX One X

What Makes FLOATING GRIP's Rope System the Ultimate Wall Mount Choice for Your XBOX One X?

Crafted with precision and built to last, the XBOX One X Wall Mount features a durable construction that ensures the safety of your console. The design takes into consideration the console's ventilation needs, ensuring that it remains cool and performs optimally even while mounted on the wall. The installation process is straightforward and hassle-free, making it suitable for both gaming enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Effortless Elegance: Elevate Your Gaming Setup with the XBOX One X Wall Mount by FLOATING GRIP

Streamline and Simplify Your XBOX One X Display Experience

Transform your gaming sanctuary into a realm of tidiness and refinement. Elevate your setup by securely wall-mounting your XBOX One X, saving space and showcasing it with a touch of achievement. Delve into the harmonious fusion of structure and allure through FLOATING GRIP's XBOX One X wall mount.

Unleash Your Freedom

Turn your gaming haven into an enclave of order and elegance. Elevate your arrangement by securely wall-mounting your XBOX One X, saving space and presenting it with a hint of accomplishment. Uncover the flawless balance between organization and allure through FLOATING GRIP's XBOX One X wall mount.

Unlock Limitless Gaming

From vast open worlds to heart-pounding shootouts and epic online battles, your console guides your gaming adventures. Exquisitely designed, FLOATING GRIP mounts provide a pristine sanctuary for your XBOX. The ropes tenderly envelop your console, leaving a slight space from the wall to ensure optimal ventilation. This guarantees easy access to your disc drive and ports, keeping them ready for your gaming endeavors.

No Need for Wall Renovations

Redesigning your XBOX wall arrangement? No need to worry. FLOATING GRIP mounts offer a seamless and inconspicuous installation process. Each package includes screws, wall plugs, and anchors, ensuring a hassle-free setup. With just a screwdriver or drill and a little time, you're good to go. Our detailed instructions and video tutorials guide you step by step, ensuring the entire process is smooth sailing, from start to finish.

Discover More Possibilities

While you're on your journey through FLOATING GRIP, take a moment to explore these products that can further elevate your gaming experience. Your adventure with us is only beginning! Dive into our diverse selection, which includes captivating LED accessories, premium HDMI cables, and outstanding wall mounts. Unlock the potential of every facet of your gaming setup with the innovative solutions offered by FLOATING GRIP.

Increased Strength, Enhanced Stability

Key Specifications

Game with confidence, reassured by the firm hold of your XBOX One X in its mount. FLOATING GRIP mounts are meticulously designed to bear weights surpassing those of any existing XBOX console, boasting a robust capacity of up to 10 kg (22 lb). With the XBOX One X weighing around 3.8 kg. (8.4 Ibs), this system snugly cradles your console, guaranteeing unwavering stability. Just ensure you pick the kit tailored to your XBOX model, as we provide options for every iteration – from the venerable 360 to the cutting-edge XBOX Series X.

Compatible with

XBOX One X (Also works with XBOX One S and XBOX 360)

Package Dimensions

Approximately 100 x 170 x 15 mm (Packaging variations may apply)

Package weight

Approximately 30-70 grams (Packaging variations may apply)

Weight Capacity

Supports up to 10 kg - XBOX One X weighs about 3.8 kg. (8.4 Ibs)

Country of Origin

Exemplifying Danish design, crafted in Denmark

Included in the package

The package comprises Wall Parts, Mount Ropes, Wall Plugs, Screws, Bits, Manuals, and a Thank You Card.


The FLOATING GRIP wall mount is skillfully fashioned using sturdy materials including non-elastic rope, plastic, and steel components.

Wall type

Tailored for a range of vertical surfaces, including drywall.


The wall mount facilitates 360-degree ventilation for superior airflow.


Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty (subject to our terms and policies).

Design Rights

Propritary by FLOATING GRIP ApS licensed by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS. Manufactured by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS.

Elevate Your XBOX One X Gaming Experience with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts

What's the Advantage of Wall Mounting Your XBOX One X?

Discover the transformative benefits of wall mounting your XBOX One X with FLOATING GRIP. By elevating your console off the ground, you free up valuable space while giving your setup a sleek, modern look. Not only does this provide a safer environment for your console, but it also optimizes ventilation for peak performance. Embrace organization, style, and efficiency – choose wall mounting with FLOATING GRIP and redefine your gaming space.

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XBOX One X | Microsoft XBOX One X Wall Mount

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I ordered this item in error but

I ordered this item in error but Stephanie the owner took care of this and offered me a full refund. Customer service was 100% positive and I would highly recommend anyone to her.

Thanks again Stephanie

Andrew from Ireland

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