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Covers til FLOATING GRIP vægbeslag | Turkis

Dækkapsler designet til FLOATING GRIP's vægmonteringer fungerer som den ideelle udsmykning for at forbedre dit gaming-setup. Skabt til at harmonisere fejlfrit med vores vægmonteringer, tilbyder disse elegante og farverige kapsler et tilpasset præg, samtidig med at din konsols displays moderne elegance opretholdes. Løft dit gamingområde ved at integrere disse tilpasningsdygtige tilbehør, der ubesværet forener praktisk anvendelighed med visuel appel.
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Unveiling a Personalized Touch for Your Wall Mount Setup

What sets FLOATING GRIP's Cover Caps apart and makes them truly exceptional?

FLOATING GRIP's Cover Caps offer a truly unique way to customize and personalize your gaming setup. With a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, you can effortlessly match your wall mount to the aesthetics of your gaming room, adding a personalized touch that reflects your style.

Customize Your Wall Mount with Vibrant Colors and Uniquely Tailored Aesthetics

Elevate Your Gaming Space with Personalized Style

Unveiling FLOATING GRIP's Cover Caps: Elevate your gaming setup with a personalized touch of elegance and style. These unique accessories allow you to customize your wall mount to match your room's aesthetics, adding a vibrant and tailored look to your gaming space. With a range of color choices and a perfect fit for your wall mounts, Cover Caps by FLOATING GRIP go beyond protection, allowing you to express yourself while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your gaming area.

Customize Your Look: Elevate Aesthetics with Vibrant Color Choices

Elevate Aesthetics: FLOATING GRIP's Cover Caps offer a customizable flair to your wall mount setup. Choose from a range of vibrant colors to seamlessly blend or boldly contrast with your gaming room decor.

Personalized Elegance: Tailored Cover Caps for Your Gaming Setup

Tailored to You: Add a personal touch to your gaming sanctuary with Cover Caps by FLOATING GRIP. Crafted from soft, high-quality material, these caps are designed to fit snugly and enhance the visual appeal of your wall-mounted console and controllers.

Style Meets Function: Beyond Protection – Express Yourself with Cover Caps

More than just protection, Cover Caps by FLOATING GRIP let you express your style. With the iconic FLOATING GRIP logo, these caps effortlessly combine practicality with a touch of sophistication.

Explore Further Enhancements for Your Gaming Setup

Your journey into the world of FLOATING GRIP has opened the door to possibilities! We invite you to explore our extensive selection of products that can truly elevate your gaming experience. From captivating LED accessories to premium HDMI cables and exceptional wall mounts, a world of choices awaits you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enrich every aspect of your gaming setup with the cutting-edge innovations from FLOATING GRIP.

Vibrant Color Options to Suit Your Style

Key Specifications

We're serious about adding a splash of color to your gaming space. Our product comes in a diverse range of 10 captivating colors, allowing you to select the perfect match for your gaming setup. Options include vibrant red, energetic orange, sunny yellow, lush green, cool turquoise, calming blue, playful pink, regal purple, sleek black, and pristine white. Whether you're aiming for harmony or contrast, these choices will elevate the aesthetics of your game room.

Compatible with

Designed to Fit FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts Exclusively

Package Dimensions

Approximately 100 x 170 x 15 mm (May vary slightly based on packaging)

Package weight

Approximately 30 grams


Indeed, the cover caps are easily removable.

Country of Origin


Included in the package

The package consists of cover caps designed to fit 1 console mount and 2 controller mounts from FLOATING GRIP.


The cover caps are crafted from a soft silicone material.


3 years warranty (as per our terms and policies)

Design Rights

Propritary by FLOATING GRIP ApS licensed by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS. Manufactured by FLOATING GRIP Trading ApS.

Personalize, Protect, and Add a Pop of Color to Your Game Room

Why Choose FLOATING GRIP Cover Caps for Your Wall Mounts?

Elevate your gaming setup with Cover Caps by FLOATING GRIP, a vibrant and customizable accessory designed to add a splash of color to your gaming room. These soft silicone caps are compatible with FLOATING GRIP Wall Mounts, providing a perfect fit and easy installation. With a range of 10 different colors, including red, blue, green, and pink, you can personalize your space to match your style. Protect your console and controllers while enhancing aesthetics, and easily switch or remove the caps whenever you desire. Each package includes a set of Cover Caps for one console mount and two controller mounts. Explore the world of creative possibilities and transform your gaming area into a visually appealing and personalized haven.

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