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1,5M/5ft USB-C/C with LED light (2 pack) | High-Speed Charging + Sync

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Elevate your gaming setup with FLOATING GRIP's 1.5M LED USB-C/USB-C cable. This versatile cable, available in a convenient 2-pack, offers high-speed charging and data syncing capabilities. Its vibrant color bring a touch of style to your setup. 

Transform Your Gaming Realm with Vibrant Illumination: Introducing LED Light Strips by FLOATING GRIP

Why Choose FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strip for Your Gaming Setup?

Elevate your gaming room's ambiance with FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strips. Choose from red, pink, blue, or green lights to set the perfect mood for your gaming sessions.

Transform Your Setup into a Dynamic Haven of Color and Style

Illuminate Your Gaming World with Vibrant LED Light Cables

Enhance the ambiance of your gaming sanctuary with FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strips, a revolutionary way to infuse dynamic lighting into your space. Measuring at 0.5 meters (2 feet), these meticulously designed strips are tailor-made to complement your wall-mounted console. Slide them behind your mounted setup and watch as they cast a captivating glow, accentuating your gaming area in a truly mesmerizing fashion.

Choose from an array of four striking LED colors - red, pink, blue, and green - to customize the mood of your gaming room. These flexible and versatile light strips are equipped with a removable sticker on the back, ensuring a secure attachment to your console. Effortlessly adhere them in place, and when the need arises, they can be easily removed without leaving a trace.

Optimal Console Illumination

Illuminate your gaming setup with precision using FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strip. Its 0.5M/2ft length is tailor-made to fit seamlessly behind a wall-mounted console, especially when using a FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount. The gap created by the wall mount ensures proper airflow, guaranteeing the LED strip's longevity and performance.

Vibrant and High-Quality Lighting

Experience gaming in a whole new light with our LED Light Strip. Emitting bright and captivating colors, this high-quality accessory transforms your gaming area into a dynamic and visually engaging space, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay.

Instant Gaming Ambiance

Turn a lackluster gaming room into a captivating paradise effortlessly. FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strip offers a smart and stylish solution to elevate your space. In just a few moments, experience the magic as your surroundings come to life, setting the perfect backdrop for immersive gaming sessions.

Discover More of Our Innovative Products

Your exploration of FLOATING GRIP is just the beginning! We encourage you to delve into our diverse range of products that can add depth to your gaming world. From stunning LED accessories to premium HDMI cables and remarkable wall mounts, we have an array of options waiting for you. Don't miss the chance to enhance every facet of your gaming setup with the innovative offerings from FLOATING GRIP.

Vibrant Color Options to Suit Your Style

Key Specifications

Experience a personalized voyage into illumination with FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strip. Explore a world of diverse lighting options, where your gaming sanctuary morphs into a canvas of vibrant hues and captivating displays. Unleash your imagination, transforming your surroundings with the mesmerizing charm of customizable LED lighting.

Available Colors

Dive into a spectrum of captivating colors with FLOATING GRIP's LED Light Strip. Available in an array of enchanting options, including vivid red, soothing pink, cool blue, and refreshing green, you have the freedom to choose the perfect hue that resonates with your gaming style and ambiance. Elevate your gaming room's aesthetics and create a captivating atmosphere that complements your unique taste and preferences.


You can have full confidence in the exceptional quality of our LED light strip. Designed to be future-proof and meticulously crafted by industry-leading experts in LED technology, this light strip guarantees uncompromising quality and durability, setting new standards for excellence and delivering an unparalleled experience to our esteemed customers.

Available Lengths

These adaptable strips are offered in a single length of 0.5M/2ft, an ideal dimension for placement behind a wall-mounted console when paired with a FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount. The intelligent design of our wall mount ensures optimal spacing for the light strip, resulting in a seamless and harmonious integration.

Package Dimensions

Dimensions vary based on the selected length, typically around 100 x 170 x 15 mm.

Design rights

Exclusively Crafted by FLOATING GRIP: Proprietary Danish Design


3 years warranty (as per our terms and policies)

Illuminate Your Gaming Space with Vibrant LED Light Strips from FLOATING GRIP

Why You Sould Consider Adding a FLOATING GRIP LED Light Strip to Your Wall-Mounted Console?

Enhance Your Gaming Ambience: Elevate your gaming setup to the next level by combining a FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount with an LED Light Strip. Illuminate your wall-mounted console with vibrant LED colors, creating an immersive and visually stunning gaming environment. This dynamic duo not only optimizes your console display but also adds a touch of personal style to your gaming space. Choose the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics with FLOATING GRIP's Wall Mount and LED Light Strip.

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